About us


Founded in 2002, Suko Jeans aims to bring comfort and confidence in people's lives. Led by an innovator at heart, the company has developed a unique brand grounded in quality styling backed by extensive research and development to create a variety of styles for women. This first success prompted Suko Jeans to devote itself to innovation and excellence. By experimenting with different fabric blends and production processes, the company has come up with durable, breathable, comfortable and fashionable clothes that can be worn all day.

Suko Jeans has led its expansion with perseverance and discipline, favoring timeless pieces that offer excellent value with every pair made. Their meticulous approach reflects the consistency, sturdiness and reliability of their jeans. Today, Suko Jeans takes advantage of the next generation to develop innovative projects. Combining seasoned experience and new perspectives, the company continues to develop new exciting products. 



Suko Jeans strives to provide comfort and freedom of movement with every pair crafted. From the choice of fabric, to the fabrication of the garment, comfort is always at the forefront. We take our mission to heart and we pride ourselves on sharing that with you- through our products.